Avoid Common Blunders with a Plumber in St. Paul, MN

Why are men so stubborn?

This may be because the home is their domain. If another man has to be called in, then their masculinity takes a hit. It would be an utter insult to tell the man of a household to call a plumber in St. Paul, MN.

Why are Men so Stubborn?

The biggest reason men are so stubborn is pride. No manly man wants another man to crash his domain. Even if he doesn’t know how to fix it, he will only consider calling a handyman if his repairs don’t take. This process could take a few days, up to a few years. It really depends on how deep the pride runs.

Fortunately – for residents of St. Paul, MN – there are local plumbers that are qualified and can be trusted to do the job right.

Will it take one failed DIY home plumbing repair, or nine, before the man of the house breaks down and calls a real plumber in St. Paul, MN?

Good question.

Common DIY Fix-it Plumbing Blunders

Here are a few common failures that occur when men try to fix plumbing problems themselves:

1. Accidentally puncturing a pipe. Sometimes pipes may be hiding in walls.

2. Failure to adhere to the code. This would require knowledge of the Uniform Plumbing Code or the International Plumbing Code

3. Over-tightening fittings, which in turn can cause damage to the threading on the pipe.

4. Test the fix before calling it a day. Leaks don’t officially stop being leaks until the water is turned back on.

5. Combining copper directly to galvanized steel is not recommended. Consider using a dielectric union to connect the pipes to prevent corrosion.

Plumbers Are Professional

No matter the circumstances, the truth is that nobody knows everything. Even “manly” men have to ask for help. YouTube may not have an answer for a specific plumbing problem. In that case, consider using a certified plumber in St. Paul, MN.

A good plumber will give an estimate of how much it will cost, and will be honest with the homeowner every step of the way. In the “age of the Internet,” there are many excellent websites that rate plumbers on past jobs, and previous customers can give honest reviews of their service.

Do a little research before selecting a plumber to fix your pipes.

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