Basic discipline for that furry little ball of energy

Adding a new puppy to the family is a fun and exciting time in your life and theirs! They are so energetic and curious, full of love and lots of wet kisses. But like any youngster puppies can get themselves into trouble or worse, hurt. You would send your human children off to school to learn right from wrong, so the same should be done with your puppy. Teaching your new friend basic discipline and obedience right from the start can go a long way towards making sure his entire life gets off on the right paw. If you are in or around Brentwood, you have access to a variety of basic and obedience classes which focus on positive training methods to reach the desired results.

Learning the basics together!

Training classes are usually offered in a few different ways, but group classes are one of the most popular. In a group class, several puppies and their caretakers will all join together with the trainers. Together you will all learn the basics of puppy skills and obedience at K9s Only so you can practice at home. This is also a great way to teach socialization skills for your little friend since he will be able to meet with other dogs and humans. If a group setting doesn’t work for your dog due to aggression or another issue, you can always sign up for private lessons. These are similar to the group sessions in that you learn the proper ways to train your young friend, but the distractions from other puppies and their humans is removed meaning you can both focus more on the trainer and methods he is suggesting.

Keep it positive, always.

Training puppies, or a dog of any age, can be frustrating for both the pet and his human. The most important thing to remember is that dogs truly want to please you. They are not being bad or slow to pick up a skill on purpose. Stay patient and keep every learning session positive. Think of the dog as you might think of a child; not all children learn at the same speed, so of course no dog will either. Once your puppy masters a new skill he will pick up new ones quicker and quicker! Always end your at-home training session on a positive note and your dog will look forward to learning new things. Get in touch with K9s Only for Puppy Training Classes in Brentwood.

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