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Have you ever had the desire to want to get up, run long hours in the morning, punch chunks of frozen meat and drink raw eggs? Well, boxing might be the thing for you, or a very active career as a butcher. Joking aside, harsh regiments, stern mental and physical conditioning, and discipline are some of the requirements to start the path of fighting glove fists. But behind all that is the gear; you can’t show up to a baseball game with slippers and a stick. It’s the same principle.

No bare-fist brawling

Ever been socked by a fist before? Hopefully you haven’t, because it can be an unpleasant experience. So unpleasant that unless it’s part of some kind of underground death match arena, professionals don’t’ fight each other with bare hands, and even then they still maintain hefty injuries. That leads into what type of equipment boxers prefer to use, and the first thing you should be imagining are gloves. These have been around since the idea of ringside slug-fests, and are mandatory in a scuffle. Training, paid fight, doesn’t matter, if you’re a boxer or desire to be one, you have to have gloves.

Smaller things count

For fighters, it doesn’t end at the gloves. Launching trunk muscle arms into another person is a recipe for injury, more so because there’s no expectation for boxers to wear full on armor pieces. The best they can do, then, is take care of the smaller bits. Head protection is a huge one, though unfortunately not as common, as well as mouth guards. These durable frames resist the lethal vibrations when fist meets dome, so unless you have plans for brain damage, it’s a must to wear. The best type of pro boxing equipment and gloves comes down to branding, preference, and resilience, so it’s best to research what will fit comfortably on your mittens. When it comes down to the grit, having all the training equipment, like weights, punching bags, and proper safety gear, is necessary for any professional. Any tough guy who pretends they don’t need protection for that oh so vital brain is looking at an early retirement, and nobody invests in short term goals. Careers are based on safety, no matter what they tell you.

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