Before You Call a Bicycle Repair Service in San Clemente CA

If you are having bicycle issues, you should examine the type of issue you think you might be having to determine how best to move forward. At some point, you might choose to pay for bicycle repair service in San Clemente CA, which is often the most economical option for your problem. However, there are certain problems you can troubleshoot before it comes down to paying someone else to fix the problem. Here are a few quick fixes that can tide you over until you get a chance to call a professional.

Derailleur Issues

If your derailleur is having a problem, you might have issues with shifting. The derailleur is the mechanism that lifts your chain off the current sprocket and places it on the next one when you shift gears. You can have a derailleur repaired at a bicycle repair service in San Clemente CA. Until you get to the repair service, you should investigate the root of the problem.

Derailleur problems are often not actually derailleur problems, but sprocket problems. This is especially common with mountain bikers. If your sprocket is bent, then the chain might not stay on the sprocket or you might have problems even shifting into the next gear. You should make sure that your sprockets are upright. Once you get that handled, take it to a repair place such as The Bike House.

Brake Issues

A bicycle repair service can examine your brake issues and determine how best to fix them. Until that happens, you should make sure your brakes are clean and the mechanisms are well lubricated. Oftentimes, a brake problem is when some of the moving parts need to be lubricated.

With disc brakes, one of the problems you encounter is a buildup of brake dust. Such dust can reduce the efficiency of the brakes by reducing the friction they create. A professional will be able to address that issue and fix it for you.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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