Best Reasons to Choose Veneers in Keizer, OR

Is a single chipped tooth keeping you from having the kind of smile you really want? Are your dental problems severe with problems such as gaps, crooked teeth or discoloration? If you are ready to do something about these and other problems and transform your smile into the smile of your dreams, you should consider using veneers to make it happen. Consider some of the best reasons to use Veneers In Keizer OR to correct minor and major flaws in your smile.

Smile Improvement – Veneers have the ability to transform your smile completely by covering each tooth with a thin layer of material, which improves its look while protecting the tooth underneath from more damage. Veneers can correct problems that take away from the beauty of your smile such as chips, gaps, discoloration, cracks and crookedness. A well-crafted set of veneers change the color, shape and symmetry of the teeth and make them look perfectly straight without orthodontic treatment.

Stain Resistant – Natural teeth are extremely prone to stains from foods, drinks smoking and other factors. Stains cause discoloration that detract from the brilliance and beauty of a smile, however because veneers are resistant to stains, overlaying them on top of natural teeth gives patients the ability to eat and drink whatever they want without this unpleasant side effect.

Durability – Many types of restorative dental work only lasts a few years before you have to have them replaced with another set. Veneers can last an entire lifetime if you care for them properly with regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups.

Instant Results – Unlike other treatments designed to straighten and correct issues with teeth alignment such as braces and Invisalign, veneers provide instant results. With metal braces and Invisalign dental trays, patients have to go through treatment that can take several months or years in order to reposition teeth into their optimal configuration. Veneer can completely transform your smile by changing the size, color and shape of your teeth in just a few sessions with the dentist.

These are a few of the best reasons to utilize dental Veneers in Keizer, OR. Transform your smile and life completely with a set of expertly crafted and installed veneers. Contact a professional cosmetic dentist to schedule your appointment and consultation today.

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