Boating Accident Advice from Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS

According to the Coast Guard, over 700 people are killed and over 3000 are injured in boating accidents every year–and according to the Red Cross, the number of injuries could be up to 100 times higher. If you or someone in your family has been hurt in a boating accident, a Boat accident lawyer can help you get compensated for pain, suffering and injury.

Causes of Boating Accidents

Most boating accidents involve someone under the influence of alcohol, but there are many other causes, such as:

* Careless or inexperienced operators

* Poor water and weather conditions

* Broken or absent safety gear

* Poor boat maintenance

* Lack of planning before a boating excursion

Commercial and Recreational Boating Accidents

There are different laws for commercial and recreational boaters in the event of an accident or an injury. If you’re involved in a recreational accident, the person causing it is responsible if they failed to act with due care. Boaters should follow safety rules, take precautions to avoid accident and injury, and watch out for other boaters, swimmers and their passengers.

The rules for work related boating accidents are much different than those for recreational boating. If you work as a merchant seaman and you are injured at sea, you’re covered by the Longshoreman’s and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act, or the Jones Act, and you should hire a personal injury lawyer that deals in those cases.

Help After Injury in a Boating Accident

If you or a family member has been hurt in a boating accident, you should hire Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS right away. You can bring a suit against the at-fault party for:

* Past, current and future medical expenses related to the accident

* Damage to your personal property (including your boat, if applicable)

* Wages lost if you are out of work due to the accident

* Losses associated with pain and suffering

If you believe your case has merit, the lawyer you hire should be well-versed in federal and state law, as well as admiralty and maritime law. If the attorney understands these laws and their applications, your chances of a successful recovery are much higher. Visit website for more

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