A Quick Overview of Italian Wines

When you enjoy dinner at the Steakhouse Restaurants Cincinnati loves nothing completes a meal better than a lovely bottle of wine. Many steakhouses offer a wide assortment of wines, including a selection of Italian classics. Here is a quick overview of the Italian wines most commonly found on menus to help you choose the one you will most enjoy with your meal.

  • Chianti: Chianti is a red wine that hales from Tuscany and may be recognized by its traditional “fiasco” bottle. The straw basket was used to cover the round, squat bottle and can still be found on some of the Chiantis available today. Chianti has a wonderful flavor and is a perfect wine to try if you are not familiar with wines. It is fruity with hints of cherry, strawberry and plum but also has layers of spice, nutty almonds and tobacco. Some Chiantis has a hint of vanilla or even coffee.
  • Barolo: Barolo comes from the Piedmont region of Italy and is another red wine. You may have heard that some wines become better when aged and Barolos are often enjoyed after aging for 10 years. A common description for Barolos is “complex” as it can have many flavors such as oaky with hints of licorice to a fruitier even flowery flavor.
  • Amarone: Amarone is from the Venetian region and is a well known red famous for its hints of anise, dried fig and tobacco.
  • Pinot Grogio: This dry white wine is light and delicious with a fruity, citrusy flavour that is very bright. It can be peachy or even melony and its crisp, distinct flavour of citrus is often reminiscent of grapefruit or lemon.
  • Soave: Soave is a white best served before dinner and can be enjoyed with soups and other appetizers. It is also ideal to enjoy in the summer on its own with its light, almondy flavor.
  • Sparkling Wines: Asti Spumonte is a popular sparkling wine used to celebrate due to its sweet, effervescence. Persecco is another favorite used in the popular cocktail the Belinni. Persecco is drier than Asti Spumonte.

When you are out at any of the steakhouse restaurants Cincinnati loves don’t forget the wine.

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