Brief Guide to Purchasing Auto Insurance in Honesdale PA

Whether you drive a minivan or a fancy sports car, you are required to have some form of automobile insurance. However, it’s not always just a matter of signing up with any insurer. It’s important to have an understanding of the type of coverage you need. For example, newer vehicles should have full coverage. Automobiles that are used or older models may only require liability coverage. There are many options available. It’s important to find the right policy that fits your needs when shopping for auto insurance in Honesdale PA.

Full Coverage Insurance
Full coverage typically means your policy takes care of any type of damage to your vehicle or anyone else’s. Basically, a comprehensive coverage plan gives you full protection even if thousands of dollars of repairs are needed. A full policy can also protect you against burglary and theft. Other situations such as hail damage or problems which are no fault of yours are also included. A motorist with a full coverage plan is not responsible for any expenses to have the vehicle fixed.

Liability Coverage
Liability is the most basic and least expensive type of policy available. This type of plan is perfect for those that who older vehicles that are paid for. With liability coverage policies, if you get involved in a collision, your policy only covers the cost of fixing the other vehicle and not your own. It’s suggested to carefully analyze the value of your automobile and whether it’s worth having repaired in the event of an accident. If so, you might want to think about moving up to a plan that includes collision insurance.

Bodily Injury Liability
Yet another kind of automobile insurance to consider is bodily injury. When you hit another car and any inside occupants are injured, the consequences can be very expensive. If you are at fault you might be held responsible for paying medical expenses for the injured party. However, with a bodily coverage inclusion, the insurer takes care of hospital bills up to a certain amount. This relieves the concern of dealing with this kind of debt. However, keep in mind that if medical expenses exceed what the plan covers you will likely be liable for the balance.

Insurance Deductibles
One method of lowering your car insurance premium rate is by claiming a higher deductible on your policy. Deductibles are cash sums paid to the insurer. Coverage can be increased without added cost. A major advantage is that an insurance claim is reduced since the deductible amount is used first. When seeking new auto insurance in Honesdale PA, ask your insurance agent about other possible premium deductions.

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