Business Stationary: More Important Than You May Realize

So we’re not in the 1900’s anymore, and it seems like everything these days transmits by tiny electric pulses sent via the internet. But paper is by no means obsolete. If you wish to leave a lasting impact on your customer, quality stationary is one way to do so.


Consumers are suckers for eye-catching material. As you are able to get your company logo out there in a unique, effective, and non-obtrusive manner, you will see a noticeable increase in brand recognition. Your branding is the face of your company, and when displayed in a professional manner, you increase the trust and awareness of your company in Orange County. Stationary can provide potential clients, who you may have never met, a pre-existing notion that you are a legitimate company to deal with. Imagine a client walking through your doors already a believer!

Lasting Impression

If you’re involved in a sales pitch, phone conversation, or even a live presentation, anything that a potential client sees or hears could only be temporary. Once that client walks out the door or hangs up the phone, what do they have to remember you by? This is where stationary can work wonders for your branding. Extending beyond 8″x11″ paper, stationary comes in the form of envelopes, folders, brochures, fliers, and even t-shirts or coffee mugs. When given any opportunity to leave your company’s brand on something, you should take it.

Next Steps

An effective campaign utilizing stationary in Orange County should be one that follows careful consideration. Do not use cheap or free templates for your printing or branding. Utilize a format that is unique and screams pride and professionalism in your name. If you fail to implement a proper campaign with your stationary, you do run the risk of it backfiring and doing more harm than good. You are best off locating an Orange County stationary provider with knowledge and experience in this business of branding and distribution. Get out there and spread brand awareness the right way!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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