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Visiting the dentist is often an unpleasant experience for many patients. The good new is that it doesn’t have to be when the right dentist is chosen. A good dentist is going to balance the science behind their work with a good bedside manner. People want to feel welcome at the dentist office, and they also want to understand the issues they may be facing when caring for their teeth. The team at Northern Plaza Dental Care represent are the dentists in Queens, NY that are going to provide this ideal environment for dental work.

Learning about and receiving preventative dental care is the number one reason that anyone should go to the dentist. Getting a check up every six months provides the dentist with an opportunity to get a close look at the teeth and gum area. The digital x-rays that dentists use today give a very clear picture of the health of the teeth all the way down through the roots. These x-rays can be utilized to help people see where tooth decay is starting so they can do their part to avoid getting cavities. Dentists are also able to clean teeth and give their patients tips on how to keep them clean until the next check up.

The Northern Plaza dental team are also one of the most well rounded groups of dentists in Queens, NY. They offer many other services when preventative work isn’t what is needed. One example is the use of dental implants for people that have lost a tooth or multiple teeth. Implants work better than other measures to replace teeth because they are a permanent solution. A post is actually secured into the gums and then a replacement tooth is secured to the post.

Tooth whitening is another area that these dentists specialize in. They use a Zoom whitening treatment that can improve the look of teeth by many shades. Rather than hiding a smile that people are not proud of, they can flash that white smile they have always wanted with this treatment. Invisalign teeth straightening is another service offered by this group. Rather than using old school metal and wire braces, the dentists can custom fit people with an invisalign system that will straighten teeth as well as braces. Patients can learn more about all of their services by visiting

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