Choosing A Lawuer In Rockwall, TX To Fight A DUI Charge

Your lawyer in Rockwall, TX affords with effective criminal defense when you are charged with a DUI. In Texas, the likely penalties for this charge are that you are required to pay hefty fines, license suspension, and jail time. The jail time that is assigned to your charge, even a first-time offense, is based on your blood alcohol level and additional circumstances that apply to the time of your arrest. For instance, additional criminal charges are applied if the other driver is injured or dies as a result of an automobile accident. If you are facing these penalties associated with a DUI charge, contact the Law Office of Tim Hartley.

Where to Turn When Facing a DUI Charge
The Law Office of Tim Hartley reviews your charges to establish the probable penalty that could apply should you become convicted. This lawyer provides you with effective criminal defense services to fight for your freedom and overturn your charges. Evidence that presents doubt that you were in fact under the influence at the time of your arrest could acquire an acquittal.

This law office will fight for you in criminal court and assist you throughout this journey to maintain your driving privileges and clear your name. With a review of your case, this attorney can establish a course of action to effectively fight this battle and stop the prosecution from convicting you without solid evidence. To hire an attorney within the Law Office of Tim Hartley contact them at the number listed on their website at

Your lawyer in Rockwall, TX provides effective criminal defense services to fight against a conviction. Through understanding of DUI and DWI charges, your attorney devises strategies that may prevent hefty fines and license suspension. This attorney reviews the evidence against you to determine whether it is admissible and whether the introduction of new proof could dismiss the prosecution’s case. In Texas, it is probable for anyone convicted of a DUI or DWI to receive a jail sentence, fines, and much more. To hire an attorney and fight against a conviction, contact the Law Office of Tim Hartley.

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