Christian Life Groups Give You Spiritual Comfort and Support

Fellowship is very idiomatically or even loosely described as “two fellows on a ship.” though more seriously it means two or more people sharing mutual experiences of common interests, through related activities. Christian life groups certainly fall into this category.

The Context

In the Christian context, this translates into quality time spent in the presence of other believers in Bible study groups and prayer groups through the week. The whole process culminates in a Sunday service that prepares the faithful and strengthens them internally for the trials, tribulations and blessings that are experienced in the week ahead. Christian life groups are groups of contemporary aged people meeting together for Bible study or prayer.

The Hierarchy

In most evangelical churches of today, you find the presiding senior pastor who has a few deacons or as some churches call them “elders” under him to share the administrative responsibilities. Then you have the rest of the church members who attend services to get their spiritual daily bread through the sermons of the pastor and the worship sessions that each church service comprises.

Life Groups

Life groups at churches involve men, women, and the youth of the church meeting at different locations at different timings throughout the week. The groups are led by men and women who want to see people live for the purpose God created them for. Life group participants forge long-lasting friendships with each other while growing spiritually in their relationship with their Savior Jesus. This facilitates much-needed spiritual comfort and essential support, especially for lonely and depressed people.

In men’s life groups, men learn to glorify Jesus in their lives in all the activities they do – eat, play and worship like men, and hear sermons by men only for men. Women’s life groups concentrate on finding and building fruitful relationships with other women for mutual support and encouragement. The women feel encouraged to connect into the spiritual family at church.

The Church

If you live around or are visiting the Baymeadows and Southside areas around Jacksonville, Florida, or even the areas west of St. John’s Town Center in then you are welcome to check out the Christian life groups at Southpoint Community Church on Salisbury Road, for yourself or call them at 904 281-1181.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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