Common Mistakes in Designing Corporate Logos

Logos are used by corporate entities to promote their image to the public. It is then important to design a logo which is eye-catching to capture the attention of the consumer or the public, but it is not easy to design a perfect logo.

Corporate logo design as a profession has increased in numbers over the years but it is accompanied by many limitations. This results from the mistakes done by the logo designers. They include;

1) Designed by Non-Professionals

Some businesses do not invest much on corporate logo design both in time and money. They opt to design their logos quickly themselves. They give it to the wrong people or offer it to a company that does the job at a cheap price. They make your logo look amateurish and non-unique.

2) Designing Logo for Yourself Rather Than the Client

Some designers use font without even asking the client if it is appropriate for their business. Some modern topographic font would be not likely suited to some businesses such as an advocate’s business. Also a designer can include his trademark in the work.

3) Designing a Complex Logo

Highly detailed designs will lose their importance if printed or viewed in the smaller sign. Also they contain many details for viewers to process. A logo should be memorable by making it simple yet unique.

4) Coping Others

A logo must be unique and original as it represents the business. If they look alike, they will not represent any specific business.

5) Relying on Trends

A good logo should be timeless. This should be done by ignoring the latest design. A logo designer should create a unique corporate logo design that identifies the client.

6) Depending on Rater Graphic

The images used to design logo need to be clear with no pixilation issues in order to maintain the quality. The choice of software used to design the logo is important; many prefer to use the vector graphics which scale nicely as it does not use pixels. This avoids blurred images when scaled up for larger formats such as banners.

7) Using so Many fonts and Colors

The aim is to establish brand identity and recognition. Using more than two fonts and colors makes a design confusing and takes away the impact it should have on the audience or viewers.

8) Relying on One Color for Effect Alone

At some point in some medium, the logo will be used in black and white or one color. This may change the design of your logo, if you relied on one color alone for effect. It is important to use both color and creativity to improve on the design of your logo.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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