Common Myths About Nursing Home Abuse That Need to Be Debunked

When people put their loved ones in a nursing home, they trust that they will be safe and well taken care of. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Nursing home abuse is quite common. You can contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Joliet if you think that your loved one has been abused.

One of the reasons that many people do not seek help for nursing home abuse is because they believe the common myths about it.

Myth: The Abuse Is Always Obvious

Fact: Marks and bruising are obvious signs that abuse has occurred. However, a person can be abused and not have any marks. Even if a person has marks and bruises, it can be easy to overlook them. Older people often suffer falls, which can cause bruising.

Myth: If the Person Does Not Say Anything, Then the Abuse Did Not Happen

Fact: There are several reasons that a person may not report abuse. They may forget about the incident. They may also feel that reporting the abuse is a waste because nothing will be done about it. Additionally, some people will even blame themselves for the abuse.

Myth: Nursing Home Abuse Is No Big Deal

Fact: Most people consider child abuse and domestic violence to be serious concerns. However, nursing home abuse is often overlooked. Elders who are abused are more likely to be hospitalized, suffer a chronic condition and die. That is why the condition has to be taken seriously.

Myth: Stress Is the Main Reason Elders Get Abused

Fact: Stress is just one of the reasons that caregivers abuse people. It is also important to note that stress is not an excuse to abuse someone. Every profession causes some degree of stress.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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