Common Questions That Homeowners Ask About Foundation Problems And Repair In Houston TX

If you think your home’s foundation isn’t stable and it needs repairs, you should contact a company that does foundation inspections. After a thorough evaluation of your foundation, the inspector will inform you of his findings. If he discovers that your foundation has issues, your next step is to contact a company that does Foundation Repair in Houston TX. Below are some frequently asked questions that homeowners ask about foundation problems and repairs.

Q.) Does a few cracks in my basement wall mean that I have foundation problems?
A.) Concrete basement foundations can develop horizontal hairline cracks due to expansion and contraction during freezing temperatures. While these cracks are usually not serious, you still may want to have a qualified foundation expert inspect your foundation. The inspector will be able to tell you if the cracks are the result of movement in your foundation.

Q.) What are the signs that I should look for that signal I may have foundation problems?
A.) Cracks in your foundation that are diagonal and resemble stair steps is a sign that your foundation has had some movement at the base of the wall. If your house has a brick exterior, you may see diagonal cracks in the mortar between the bricks. Inside your house you could have cracks running from the corners of your windows and door frames up to the ceiling. You may also notice that the inside doors are difficult to open and close.

Q.) Will I always have foundation problems even after I have the damage repaired?
A.) If you hire a qualified and experienced company to do your Foundation Repair in Houston TX, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever have foundation problems again. After setting the pile supports underneath the foundation, your house will be safe and stable. If the ground should settle at a future date, a professional foundation repair company that promises a lifetime guarantee will make the repairs at no additional cost.

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