Common Transportation Services in San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco is touted by many as the world’s most futuristic city. Home to some of the world’s biggest companies such as Facebook and Google, San Francisco is a corporate battleground. There’s a lot of competition in every industry here. Owing to the serious traffic problems in the city, many people have stopped keeping their own car. Many companies offer transportation services in San Francisco Bay Area, making traveling very easy. Most companies also offer technological solutions. For instance, if you want to call in a ride, you can use a smartphone app to set it up! Here is a brief list of the most common transportation services that companies offer:

Commercial Airport Transport Services

The San Francisco Airport is located approximately 13 miles from Downtown San Francisco. Often times, companies have to pick up passengers from all over San Francisco and drop them at the airport. That’s why commercial airport transportation services are so popular. If you have to travel to the airport by yourself, you can also hire their services. Just make a reservation beforehand and wait for the vehicle to arrive. The prices vary based on the distance between the pickup location and the airport.

Corporate Meeting Transportation

If you have to head out to a corporate meeting, you need to travel in style. Many companies hire transportation services in order to allow their employees to move with class. Most transportation companies have a fleet of different executive vehicles, ranging from limousines, sedans, SUVs, vans, buses and even stretch SUVs. If ten employees of a company have to meet at a particular location, the company may charter a limo bus or a van.

Private Transportation

In San Francisco, private transport services are extremely popular. If you want to go from Point A to Point B, all you have to do is make a reservation beforehand. Hundreds of thousands of people in San Francisco don’t own a car. If you have to get somewhere on time and do not want to be late searching for a cab, you should make a reservation beforehand.

City Tours

Do you want to explore San Francisco in a Mercedes S Class or a limousine? You can make a reservation and start your tour today! Many companies now offer private tours to interested customers. If you have never sat in a limousine before or an exclusive Mercedes, now is your chance. Most companies offer very affordable city tours. Not only will you get to explore many different parts of San Francisco, but also you will be seated in one of the world’s most luxurious vehicles the whole time.

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