Conroe Car Care Services

Undoubtedly, your car is one of the most important aspects of your life. After all, it gets you to and from work and your children to and from school. Spending a day without your car would likely be too much to handle, so it is important that you do your part to take care of your vehicle. A vehicle that is maintained will last longer than a vehicle that is not. When it comes to Car Care in Conroe, there are a number of services you can have performed to help you accomplish this goal. Here are just some of the services found on

Transmission Service
When it comes to making your car move, there is no component more important than your transmission. Since it is so important, it should come as no surprise that you need to have your transmission serviced. During this service, the color, odor and level of the fluid within your transmission will be evaluated, in order to determine if it needs to be changed or not. In addition to checking the fluid, your transmission is inspected for any leaks or other malfunctions. It is generally recommended that you have this service performed every 3,000 miles.

Oil and Filter Change
An oil and filter change is a simple and short service you can have performed on your vehicle. Although this is a relatively simple service to have completed, it is very important to maintaining the life and health of your vehicle. It’s a fact, if you don’t get an oil change, you will experience significant issues with your vehicle. Typically, it is recommended that you have your oil and filter changed around every 3,000 miles.

Scheduled Maintenance
There are few other Car Care in Conroe services that are more important than scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is a service whose frequency is outlined by the manufacturer of your vehicle. With each of these visits, a number of services are performed based on the recommendations and guidelines of your specific vehicle. This type of service is so beneficial, that most people who keep current with this service rarely experience malfunctions with their vehicle. The rate at which you have these services performed will vary depending on your vehicle.

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