Consider a Small Business VoIP PBX For the Best Inter-Office Communication

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone system that uses a private network within a company. Though it sounds very technical, the concept is actually pretty widely used, and many people have seen similar systems in the workplace. When a business uses a PBX telephone system, all of the telephones can share a desired number of lines instead of each phone having to have its own separate line. With a small business VoIP PBX, it is possible to have one central person who answers the phone, and then reroutes calls to whomever they are for. This eliminates a lot of frustration on the customer’s end as it allows all telephone business to be done as easily and professionally as possible. It sounds great, but there has to be a downside, right? One of the downsides is the initial cost of installation. The system is a bit more difficult to set up than an analog system where you just plug a phone into a jack, and off you go. The main downside, however, is that since it uses internet protocol, it relies on the internet to function. If there is a network outage, then communication will be down as well.

The benefits of a small business VoIP PBX far outweigh the downsides, though, and many small businesses can benefit from installing a VoIP PBX. While the initial cost to install can be higher, the cost savings of a VoIP PBX can’t be beat. Instead of paying for many individual lines for each person who uses a phone, you can now have a few lines that everyone can share.

A VoIP PBX can also be expanded on easily based on the needs of your business. If the number of lines you have is not sufficient, more can easily be added. It is also convenient for telecommuters, as they can stay connected to the office at all times. If you have a small business and are thinking about an efficient telephone system that can help everyone in your office communicate with one another as well as with those in other offices, consider a VoIP PBX today.

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