Consider Teeth Cleaning

While you might consider your pet a member of the family, have you thought to have your pet’s teeth cleaned? Is this an actual practice a veterinary does or is it only something for humans? More to the point, is it an extravagance or a practical procedure? According to experts, your pet dog or cat should get its teeth cleaned at least once a year to mitigate the damage done by gingivitis and tooth decay. Your pet can be anesthetized during the animal teeth cleaning in Chicago, so in addition to teeth cleaning, the vet can also x-ray the pet’s teeth to check on the teeth’s condition. At any rate, your pet needs teeth cleaning for the same reasons humans need to get their teeth clean. It turns out, it’s just good hygiene.

To Anesthetize or Not to Anesthetize

So, yes, you should have your animal’s teeth cleaned once a year, or more depending on the pet. In fact, there’s also some choice over whether you should have the pet anesthetized during the animal teeth cleaning in Chicago. Cleaning without anesthesia doesn’t eliminate the need for anesthesia. For example, the x-rays of a pet are not possible without anesthesia, but some light cleaning is possible without putting the animal under.

Plaque and Gingivitis

Whether you determine to do it with or without anesthesia, animal teeth cleaning can accomplish a lot. If you brush your pet’s teeth, you may notice a build up of plaque on the teeth or under the gums. If plaque is not properly brushed away by the owner, the substance hardens into tartar, and it becomes necessary for the veterinary to remove it with a dental cleaning. Gum diseases like gingivitis can also be eliminated with teeth cleaning in combination regular teeth brushing. Find out more about your pet’s dental care from Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, or visit their website at

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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