Considerations for the Installation of New Wood Stairs in Newport Beach

Stair railings can be decorative, but they serve an important purpose; they help people get up and down stairs safely. Updated Wood Stairs in Newport Beach are an easy way to improve the look of your living room or entryway, and they can help to keep your family safe from dangerous falls. When your stairs and railings are so worn that they can no longer be effectively repaired, replacement is a simple and affordable option.

Types of Stairs

The type of stairs you choose will affect the price you pay. Whether you want spiral stairs, or a set of foldaway stairs for your attic, each type of wooden stairs has its own requirements and challenges. Every kind of stair needs to be built in a certain way to meet safety standards and local building codes; straight stairs are simple and inexpensive to build, but they take up a significant amount of space.


When you build stairs in your home, you should also consider the handrails you’ll have installed. In some cases, railings aren’t required for safety or aesthetic reasons, but they should always be considered. A wall-mounted handrail can keep your walls fingerprint- and smudge-free.


The materials you select for your new stairs will influence the price. If you’re building an ornate staircase you’ll spend more, but if you just want wood stairs down to your basement, it will be relatively inexpensive. Railings and stairs can be made of almost anything, and your choice will depend largely upon your tastes and your budget.

Removal of the old Stairs

When you’re having new stairs installed, the old ones need to be removed. Your project will include expenses such as costs for electrical work, flooring, framing, plaster, drywall and new paint. The total cost of your job depends on the scope of the work done.

Paying for Labor

If your old stairs need to be demolished before the new set is installed, labor will comprise a larger portion of your job cost. Your contractor will build your new Wood Stairs in Newport Beach, and they will also get the necessary permits for construction while ensuring that their work meets local building codes.



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