Some Reason Why Reno Homeowners Should Call An AC Reno Shop

A big concern of homeowners during the summer is the proper operation of their AC units. This is not only for comfort, but practically a necessity for the young and elderly. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to service their own AC units. This can cause damage to the system, and has the potential to severely injury someone who does not understand the system. This is why many people seeking AC Services in the Reno area call Paschall Plumbing Heat and Cooling. They have been providing HVAC services for over thirty years and can take care needs of an AC in Reno.

One of the reasons having a HVAC specialist come out before summer begins is for AC maintenance. This sort of maintenance includes cleaning inside the coil, condensate pans, condensate traps, and condensate lines to prevent obstructions. They might also clean the outside coil and straighten out any bent fins. Another concern is for proper refrigeration levels. A system with low levels of refrigerant significantly reduces the system’s ability to cool down a home. Having regular scheduled maintenance on a system will extend service life and help prevent breakdowns.

Another reason a HVAC specialist should come out is to recommend upgrades. Many homes have older AC systems. These systems are not as efficient as newer AC systems. A technician can educate the homeowner on the benefits of installing a newer system. A newer system will save on the power bill, and add value to the home.

Many times people use swamp coolers to cool down their home. These systems are simpler than an AC system, but need more routine maintenance. The system works by water dripping down pads encased in metal quadrants. As the water drips down a fan sucks air through the water filled pads and funnels the cooler air into the home. The water pads become dirty and need periodic changing. The water reservoir feeding the pads can get mossy over time and needs cleaning.

Maintaining the proper function of a home’s AC system is a valid concern for any Reno homeowner. Having a trusted AC Reno company available 24 hours a day is a way to reduce that concern.

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