Considering Enrollment in One of the Physician Assistants Programs in Arkansas

The idea of a career in the medical field holds a lot of appeals. Along with being able to find work with relative ease, being in a position to help people will bring a great deal of personal satisfactions. When considering possible enrollment in one of the Physician Assistants Programs in Arkansas, it pays to take a close look before making a decision. Here are some key points to think about.

Educational Requirements

In order to enter one of the Physician Assistants Programs in Arkansas, the candidate must meet the basic educational requirements. While the qualifications will vary slightly, most will require candidates to have a minimum of two years of college. Successfully completing courses that have something to do with the behavioral sciences are likely to necessary. Courses like basic chemistry, biology, and anatomy are some examples of courses to take as part of the preparation.
Keep in mind that most programs will require that all prior college work be completed at an accredited institution. Without proper accreditation, the time spent taking those classes will be of no help at all.


Entering the program may also include some amount of practical experience in a medical setting. People who have worked as a paramedic or a certified nursing assistant will find entry into a physician assistant program much easier. The institution offering the program can provide a listing of previous work experience that is considered acceptable. Visit here for more details.


Candidates must understand that seeking to enroll in one of the Physician Assistants Programs in Arkansas does mean making a firm commitment. The courses of study and the practical experience can be demanding on several levels. People who are not willing to devote the time and energy to the work would do well to look into other options for careers.

For those who feel a call to work in this type of medical capacity, contact UAMS today and learn more about the physician assistant program. While the program will mean a lot of hard work, the return on the investment is a lifetime of doing something that makes a difference in the lives of many people.

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