Crack Sealing in Providence, RI Can Extend the Life of Pavement and Court Surfaces

Running a business not only includes the inside of your operation, in many cases it also entails having, and maintaining, a parking area for your employees. One way to keep the asphalt free from cracks and holes is to stay on top of maintenance as problems occur. Crack Sealing in Providence, RI is an effective way to seal up open cracks so that water can’t penetrate the surface and get under the asphalt. If any water does manage to get beneath the surface it can cause severe damage, including potholes and overall pavement deterioration. New England Sealcoating has more than 64 years of expertise handling the repair and maintenance of pavement in the New England area. They are experts at fixing various types of pavement, as well as sports surfaces, including tennis and basketball courts.

Crack Sealing in Providence, RI is one of the best methods for extending the life of your pavement. It works by providing a filler in the open spaces which is made from a hot, rubbery, fiber-reinforced material. The filler bonds with the asphalt to keep it from developing more cracks. The crack sealer will also prevent water from seeping below the surface, so that the asphalt will not sustain any more damage. It’s an effective, inexpensive way to extend the life of your pavement.

Besides parking lots and other asphalt covered areas, New England Sealcoating also handles the resurfacing of sports facilities. New England Sealcoating has years of experience repairing what the elements have worn down on the courts. They routinely do basketball and Tennis Court Repair since they require a smooth surface for the players using them. New England Sealcoating can restore an entire court and have it looking like new by doing a complete renovation, or they can fix minor issues, such as adding new color to the surface, redoing the lines, fixing bent net posts, removing surface algae or filling in cracks.

When Crack Sealing in Providence, RI is done on a court, the type of filler that’s used is somewhat different from pavement filler. A knitted fabric filler is used on court surfaces which does not bond to the crack itself. This allows the filler to expand and stretch as the crack widens without pulling away. Sports surfaces require special techniques to keep them playable. If repaired improperly, dead spots will appear and the court will require more costly repairs.


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