DCIM Services for Cost-Effective Data Management

DCIM refers to data center infrastructure management, and it offers solutions to businesses in organizing, maintaining, securing, and storing their data, or all the content on their servers. It offers monitoring of a company’s data collection. It offers fast data inventory information from the network, the servers, and all other applications. It lets the customer visualize that inventory so they can create better work flow management and better manage their energy resources.

There are several benefits to having DCIM as a problem-solving tool. For one, it simplifies asset management by using software that is easy to use and accurately tracks data inventory and power usage. It provides better capacity management by reliably reporting usage levels at all points in the system. It offers change management by showing the customer, through easy reporting tools, how to make the most of their infrastructure. It provides energy management with accurate cost reporting so the customer can easily see the power levels being used throughout their facility and creating reports that let the customer see areas where they can save on costs. It creates environmental management to protect the customer’s servers and racks by notifying the customer with alerts when conditions exceed temperature limits. Finally, it allows for power management by reporting on power capacity and power levels so the customer always knows how much power they’re using, where they need more, and where they can reduce power.

DCIM software lets customers increase their productivity by freeing them from the mundane tasks if doing their own IT work if they don’t have a dedicated IT team. Even if they do, this frees up the IT person’s time for other tasks and projects.

DCIM vendors offer their customers cost-effective solutions for their expensive networking equipment, because the data information contained on those servers is so vital to the customer’s business. The architecture needs to be flexible to allow for growth. DCIM solutions should be expandable and designed so that further expansion doesn’t require dismantling anything that is already in place. It should offer continuous monitoring and instantaneous reports of work flow, energy management, and resources. It should also offer support including product documentation and live technical support.

Effective management of hundreds of data in a data center is a challenging task. Raritan offers a new class of software named DCIM that helps data center operators dramatically increase their efficiency to save time and money.

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