Reputable Welding Companies In The Houston Area You Can Rely On

Welding is, quite technically speaking, the act of merging multiple pieces of metallic material into a whole piece. Normally the term welding is used in the metal fabrication, shaping and construction industries but the term is applicable for other materials such as plastics. The technique of welding is a coalescence of two pieces of material plus a filler material which forms a pool of molten material that fills any gaps. The pieces are bonded together as the molten material hardens and the filler fuses with the primary materials. The weld can be produced by pressure and heat in various combinations or simply heat itself as supplied by numerous energy sources. Some of the energy sources are electric arc, gas flame, ultrasound, friction and electron beam. The most commonly used energy sources in many industries are arc welding and oxygen/acetylene welding (also known as brazing).

Which welding technique in Houston used will depend on several factors such as the metal type (alloy mixtures) and gauge (thickness) as well the quality required of the finished weld. The quality is a result of numerous considerations such as minimal slag inclusions, strength of the weld as opposed to the beauty of the finished weld, although that is also a consideration to many people. The quality of the weld can be tested and in many instances this is required. For example, many container tanks are pressurized and require a high quality weld capable of enduring constant, high pressure stress. To verify that these welds have a minimal slag inclusion ratio, the welds are X-rayed as part of the manufacturing process.

The types of product manufactured by Welding Companies Houston is as varied as the companies themselves. As a bonding tool, welding is often considered superior to most other options. As such it can be found in practically everything we use. The rail cars which carry many of the products we buy and the vehicles we use to carry those products home are welded together in numerous places.

Welding Companies Houston often provide a variety of useful products such as safety railings for stairs and balconies and even the framework for those stairs. Welders like John King can craft a great variety products for practical use ranging from steel gates and restaurant equipment to all types of metal furnishings.

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