Dental Cleanings from Animal Hospitals Mesa AZ: What You Need to Know

You know how important oral health is, and that the ADA recommends that adults get their teeth cleaned at least once a year. But did you know that the same is true for your dog? Vets recommended that smaller breeds, such as pugs, get their teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year; larger breeds need their teeth cleaned every few years. Like humans, how often dogs can go between cleaning depends on the dog, and your veterinarian can give you a better idea of how often your dog needs to have his or her teeth cleaned.

Today we’ll take a look at how Animal Hospitals Mesa AZ perform a canine teeth cleaning. In general, there are eight steps:

1. Supragingival Cleaning

2. The surface of the tooth is cleaned, usually with an ultrasonic scaler.

3. Subgingival Cleaning

4. Cleaning the tooth surface below the gum line.

5. Polishing

6. Steps 1 and 2 roughen the tooth surface, promoting the buildup of plaque. Polishing decreases plaque’s ability to adhere to the tooth.

7. Subgingival/Sulcal Lavage

8. Removal of any debris under the gum line caused by the first three steps.

9. Fluoride Treatment

10. Strengthening the dentin to decrease tooth sensitivity and plaque buildup.

11. Treatment Plan

12. The periodontal pockets are evaluated to identify chronically infected teeth and develop an oral treatment plan.

13. Dental Charting

14. Oral finding and treatments are added to your dog’s chart, so the veterinarian can track his or her progress or regression.

15. Digital Oral Radiographs

16. Images of your dogs teeth and jaw are taken, usually with an xray, to give the veterinarian a complete picture of his or her overall oral condition

As you may notice, a canine teeth cleaning is very similar to the yearly cleaning you yourself get. Unlike your dentist, however, veterinarians place your dog under local anesthetic to complete the teeth cleaning process. He or she will also give your dog pain medication prior to beginning. Any of the Animal Hospitals Mesa AZ would be happy to answer any further questions you might have about canine dental care, as well as schedule a cleaning for your dog.

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