Dim the Lights – Why This Will Become Your New Favorite Thing

Homeowners are always looking to create the perfect mood in their homes. Lighting is one of the top ways to update the look and feel of any room. When you think of the individual areas in a home, each one has a distinct vibe. This has much more to do with the lighting you choose than the decor you have. Entering the kitchen, on a mission to cook dinner for your family, can be tough. No one wants to struggle to read the ingredients in dim lighting. But, who wants to feel like they are under a spotlight when cozying up late at night? Are you looking for new lighting for your home in Wilmette? Lighting can be an investment, so if you are on a budget, but you still want to make an impactful change, a light dimmer is a great choice. If you are still not convinced, here are two great reasons to persuade you.

Set the Mood

During the day, your living room also doubles as your office. If you are lacking the presence of bright, natural daylight, you will need to have a bright light for daily use. Settling on a bright bulb for daily use is a great idea. But, what about when you want to spend a relaxing night in on the couch, curled up with a good book or your favorite film? Trying to unwind can be very difficult with harsh lights shining overhead. Yet, with a dimmer, you can go from day work-lighting to nighttime relaxation. Achieve this with the flick of a dimmer.

How Much Can You Save?

In addition to the benefits of being able to double up the uses of your rooms, you can also save money. Studies have shown that the use of a dimmer can reduce your lighting costs by more than 25%. Using your lighting fixtures at full capacity uses the extra power. When you dim the lights, you are saving money and lowering the amount of electricity you use. You can extend the life of your bulbs and spend less time changing them.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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