Dingy or Missing Teeth? See a Cosmetic Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

American culture expects people to take pride in their appearance. Over the past decade yellow teeth and ugly teeth have become a real problem for people. It can hurt them in their career as well as in social situations. If a person has noticed job interviewers staring at their face, they might want to take a honest look in the mirror and smile. If that smile isn’t perfect, they should call a Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ practice for a consultation.

Years of drinking coffee and tea can leave teeth quite yellow or gray. Many people try at-home teeth whitening kits and are very disappointed. They often take two weeks to work and require two half-hour treatments a day. These use harsh chemicals and can irritate a person’s mouth and create sensitive teeth. A Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ practice can whiten teeth up to eight shades with only one 90-minute treatment. Dentists know how to evaluate the health of a person’s teeth. If a person has a thin layer of enamel, they may not be able to tolerate the maximum amount of the whitening chemicals. The dentist can calibrate the strength of the solution. Therefore the patient still gets whiter teeth, but doesn’t get more sensitive teeth.

People who have recently had a tooth extracted might feel very self-conscious about the hole in their teeth. This is especially true if they are missing a front tooth. A Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ can either create a permanent bridge or insert a dental implant to fill the hole. If the patient has sufficient jaw bone mass, then a dental implant is the preferred treatment. It maintains the jaw bone, because the implant acts like the original tooth root. The daily care of a dental implant is the same as a natural tooth and it doesn’t involve additional teeth.

A bridge requires that teeth on either side of the hole be ground down so that a porcelain crown can be put over each of them. The porcelain crown that fills the hole is attached to them. The patient has to use a special threader floss to clean under the bridge.

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