Discovery of The Italian Bistro-One of the Most Sought After Cuisine’s in The World

For people who love food, one of the best authentic style places to get sumptuous meals with a wide variety to choose from is an Italian café or bistro. Well known to have some of the most loved foods in the world the Italian cuisine offers something for everyone.

The Basics of Italian Food

Italian cuisine is rooted in some of the most authentic recipes in the world. With a wide multitude of uses for fresh produce, freshly baked bread, pasta with a flair for the use of a variety of tomato sauces, Italian cuisine has brought about an abundance of dishes that have been pleasing the palates of people across the globe for centuries. Of all the recipes, authentic Italian food has brought to the world; pizza is one of the most well known and loved.

The Amazing Facts About Pizza

The pizza was born from a focaccia recipe that was often used by the Romans. The word pizza was first used in 997 A.D. in Gaeta Italy and was brought to North America after World War II.

North Americans consume an average of 23 pounds of pizza per person every year. This equates to a staggering 350 slices of pizza being consumed every second and 3 billion pizzas being made each year.

Outside of traditional fast food, North Americans love pizza more than almost any other food type, with 13% of them consuming pizza on an average day from over 70,000 pizzerias. A majority of the most loved pizza shops are family-owned, and almost one out of every five restaurants in North America is a pizzeria.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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