Do You or a Loved One Need Assisted Living in New York?

Baby boomers are currently turning 65 at the rate of roughly 10,000 per day. As more and more people become senior citizens it will increase the need for Assisted Living in New York. Assisted living is for adults that are not in need of full time nursing care but can use a little help with everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing. If you’re struggling with the decision of whether or not it is time for you or a loved one to consider assisted living, you will find that Assisted Living in New York can provide older adults with the level of care needed without them having to sacrifice their independence. Residents in assisted living facilities can take advantage of as many or as few of the services offered, depending on their needs at the time.

Assisted living facilities can offer a helping hand to those that just need a little help with some of their day to day routines. Perhaps they are relatively independent but have trouble completing some tasks such as laundry or preparing meals. An assisted living facility is there to do just that, assist with living. For those that need a bit more assistance, there are services such as a 24 hour staff so that help is always available when needed. Some individuals may also need help remembering when to take their medications or even need them administered for them. Never worry again whether an important medication was forgotten or too many were accidentally taken.

Social activities are important no matter what the age and Assisted Living in New York will provide residents with a number of opportunities to socialize with one another. Common areas provide comfortable settings to socialize with one another and recreational outings away from the facility allow residents to get out for a bit in a social setting.

So when you look at it, an assisted living facility is more than just that, it is a Retirement Community. It is a safe and secure environment where you or a loved one can get the assistance needed to live life as fully as possible, without having to give up independence or dignity. At Chelsea Senior Living, you can find assisted living tailored to your personal needs.

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