Don’t Get Scammed When You Need Child Support in Newnan, GA

Your child’s welfare is first and foremost on your mind. Unfortunately, your ex-spouse believes that his or her welfare is more important. If you have not been receiving the financial support that you need to take care of your child, you need to schedule an appointment with an attorney. Talk to him or her about your frustrations and find out what you can do to receive the money you need.

Have You Been Having Trouble Getting the Support You Need?

There is no excuse why people cannot supplement their children’s care with child support in Newnan, GA. That is how the law views this activity. If you can show that you need to support your child with the money from the primary breadwinner, you indeed have a good case. If your ex-spouse was ordered to pay support payments and is not doing so, you will also have to act.

Talk to an Expert in the Legal Field

That is why it is always good to know an attorney who will handle your child support case with his or her expert knowledge and experience. You need to speak to an attorney who is used to the excuses made by non-supportive ex-partners. That way, you can plan your offensive. Your lawyer will know what you need to do to realize a successful conclusion to your case.

Take Control of the Situation

Child support is an important payment that parents should not ignore. If you feel that you are being “scammed” by your ex-spouse in this respect, you need to find a legal solution that he or she cannot ignore. You can take control of the situation better when you work with an experienced attorney.

How to Get the Legal Assistance That You Need

If you would like to learn more about support payments or would like to discuss a case regarding a non-paying spouse, contact The Law Offices of Diane M Sternlieb LLC today. Act immediately so you can get the financial relief you need sooner.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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