Emergency Vet Services Can Address a Range of Life-Threatening Pet Health Issues

Most people view a pet as simply another member of the family. You enjoy being around your pet, and it enjoys spending time with you—a mutually beneficial and satisfying relationship. It is thus understandable that when your pet experiences a traumatic situation, you are seeking the best medical care available for your four-legged companion. A company that provides reputable emergency vet services can address a wide range of health issues that may unexpectedly plague your furry friend.

A common pet emergency is collapse. Your pet might lose its strength, which causes the animal to fall down or have the inability to rise. A pet may collapse for several serious reasons, including vascular disease—or, a disease of the arteries and veins—heart disease, anemia or a hemorrhage. Collapse can also happen due to neurological disease, respiratory disease and musculoskeletal disease. If your pet collapses, it’s vital that you seek immediate attention from a provider of emergency vet services, as the cause could be life-threatening.

Difficulty Breathing
Another common health problem in pets involves having trouble breathing. You might notice raspy and weak breathing, choking, shallow breathing, coughing and wheezing in your pet. You may also notice your cat, in particular, engaging in open-mouth breathing. Breathing challenges can stem from allergic reactions, foreign bodies present in your pet’s throat, lung disease, heart disease and asthma. A breathing issue is serious enough to potentially be fatal, so it is wise to get your pet to the vet without delay.

If there’s a chance that your pet consumed something it should not have, you should quickly contact a provider of emergency vet services. New York veterinary hospitals can offer advice and examine your pet as needed. The poisonings most commonly seen at emergency vet hospitals involve raisings and grapes, lilies, slug poisons, rat poisons, human medications and chocolate. If your vet sees your pet immediately after it has eaten one of these substances, the poisoning can be effectively treated. However, if you delay taking your pet to a medical professional, the poisoning can develop into a life-threatening situation after your pet begins to absorb the toxins in its digestive system. The quicker your pet sees a vet in an emergency, the more likely it is to rebound from its ailment.

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