Experienced Accident Attorneys in Towson Will Be Your Voice

Suffering a serious injury can be a traumatic experience, but when it is the result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, it is even more devastating. Being injured and unable to work, not knowing how your bills are going to be paid or how your family will be taken care of can leave you feeling hopeless and helpless. Unfortunately, this is usually when an insurance company representative will come to you with a check, most often for an amount far smaller than what you need or are entitled to. Do not accept this payment without first consulting with Accident Attorneys Towson. They can offer you the opportunity to give your account of the facts of your injury and then make a determination regarding whether you have a legitimate case and, if so, how best to proceed from there. Get in touch with Attorney David E. Fink for more information.

In accident and personal injury cases your attorney will not only be your voice in all legal matters; he will be the leader of a team which includes highly-trained legal professionals like paralegals, expert witnesses, accident investigators, and possibly even other lawyers. All of these resources will be brought to bear to make certain that your rights are protected and that the negligent parties are held legally accountable. Whether your case is heard in court, or your attorney is able to reach an agreeable settlement through mediation, your attorney will work diligently to represent you and your interests.

At first it may seem unusual for your Accident Attorneys Towson to work so tenaciously to build your case while simultaneously attempting to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement, but there is nothing that inspires an insurance company to negotiate in good faith like the threat of a well-prepared legal case. When negotiating a settlement, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account; the kind of injury you suffered, how severe it is, how long it may take you to fully recuperate, whether or not your injuries resulted in permanent disability, and how your injuries may affect your ability to return to your job, or handle your previous responsibilities. Your Accident Attorneys Towson will work fiercely to see that you are adequately compensated for all that you have endured.

The law offices of David E. Fink will work tirelessly to achieve a result that is favorable for you. 

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