Factors To Consider When Choosing A York Chiller Motor

There are different models and options in a York Chiller motor, and knowing the specific make and model of the York Chiller is a critical factor. As expected, there is also a wide range of possible sizes of these chillers, which also impacts the best choice in motors.

Choice of New, Used or Refurbished Motors

Regardless of the specific type of motor, the first decision that needs to be made is the cost of the replacement. Generally, with older chillers and systems, it makes sense to choose a used or refurbished motor.

Not only does this save money, but in choosing the identical motor, the replacement process is straightforward and easy. Choosing the motor with the same frame, type, bearings, and other specifications also ensure the motor is fully compatible with the system without the need for modifications.

The option to choose used or refurbished is also a consideration. The used motors from top surplus suppliers are typically listed as electrically OK, and mechanically OK, which means there has been full testing, and the motor is in workable condition.

The refurbished York Chiller motor is fully inspected, repaired, repainted, and completely tested before being sold. These motors come with a warranty, with the duration and specifics of the warranty varying between different sellers.

Motor Maintenance

Different options in York Chiller motor models have different maintenance requirements. It is essential to review all lubrication and maintenance procedures for the given model and to be sure to follow the manufacture’s recommendations for the longest possible duty cycle.

With maintenance on this motor, as with all industrial types of motors, it is critical to use the correct grease, ensure all lubrication processes are followed, and any signs of motor problems or chiller performance are immediately investigated to prevent the risk of motor burnout.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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