Facts About SR 22 Puyallup Drivers Should Know

If your driver’s license was suspended by a judge, you may need to show proof of financial responsibility in order to get your license reinstated. The most common form of proof that Washington drivers use is an SR 22. Other options include a certification of deposit or a surety bond for $60,000. An SR 22 is a certificate of insurance issued by your auto insurance company. The certification is filed with the states as proof of financial responsibility. When drivers get an SR 22 Puyallup insurance companies typically will file the necessary documentation with the state.

Most people who are court ordered to carry an SR 22 have to carry continuous insurance for three years. Following compliance with the court order, the SR 22 status is removed. However, if your auto insurance lapses during the three years that you are required to have an SR 22, your insurance company is required to notify the state and your license will be suspended.

When you are told that you will need an SR 22, you can expect to pay higher insurance rates. Because judges order drivers to obtain the certificate when they are in an at-fault accident without insurance, found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or receive several traffic tickets in a short period of time, most drivers with SR 22 certificates are classified as high-risk. You will not be able to file an SR 22 until your license is eligible to be reinstated after your suspension period.

With an SR 22 Puyallup drivers can satisfy the requirements of their court order while establishing a better driving record. Over time, drivers can move up from the high-risk category into a low-cost auto insurance policy. With a special program like the Smart Drivers program offered by Sav-On, high-risk drivers can lower their cost of insurance while maintaining their SR 22 certificate. Using an independent insurance agent for your SR 22 can help you get the best rates for your high-risk coverage and find lower rates when your improved driving record makes you eligible for them. Independent agents work with many insurance companies to help their customers get the best rates.

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