Filing A Claim After A Trucking Accident In Lafayette

A Trucking accident in Lafayette presents a high probability of extensive injuries that could lead to death or disability. When a trucking accident occurs, the highway patrol launches an investigation to determine the exact cause. The highway patrol personnel may work along side the insurance company covering the 18-wheeler to ensure that they both arrive at the same conclusion. If you were involved in an accident involving an 18-wheeler and were injured due to the fault of others contact Craig A. Davis.

Litigating a Trucking Accident

In a trucking accident, you have two likely probabilities. Either the trucker is at fault or the victim. In these instances litigation these cases is based on the denial of worker’s compensation or the failure of the insurance company to compensate the victim who sustained the injuries. An attorney will file a claim based on this clarification. Each of these probabilities has a different set of rules and regulations that will affect how the case proceeds in court.

Local Accident Attorney

Craig A. Davis is a truck accident lawyer who assists the victim. In these cases, the victim is the driver or passenger in a different vehicle who was hit by the truck driver. However, in other cases, it is the driver of the 18-wheeler who became injured while on the job and his or her employer is refusing to compensate them through worker’s compensation benefits. This attorney can make these distinctions and assist the victim by preparing a solid case to present to the judge. If you were injured during a trucking accident contact Craig A. Davis or visit his website at Website Url.


In Trucking accident in Lafayette, it is more likely that a significant amount of property damage and bodily injuries will be sustained. With this it is more probable that the settlement received may equate to a exceedingly high figure. However, in these accidents like others it is necessary to prove fault. You need an accident attorney to provide the right amount of leverage to enable him or her to pinpoint fault and win your case. To discuss a trucking accident with an attorney call Craig A. Davis.

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