Filing a Workers compensation claim? Don’t settle for less!

One of the reasons that many American’s work hard is because they believe the social security system will take care of them if ever they need help. Sadly, when a work place tragedy befalls them, they often find that it is an uphill task to get the rightful help they deserve.  If you are faced with an unenviable position such as this, you need to immediately contact an experienced  workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA to ensure you are fully compensated.

Obviously, if you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in a work place injury, your first priority will be seeking the most appropriate medical help for yourself. And that is exactly what you need to do. Be aware however that, when you are consulting with your physician, all of your medical records related to the injury may also be made available to your employer and their lawyers.  If you have an opportunity, consult with a good workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA to understand what this means for you.

Those medical records will form the basis of your grounds for filing a Workers compensation claim. What you tell your doctor, about the nature of the incident and the extent of your injuries, will be documented in your medical records, and will subsequently be scrutinized by various parties – your employer, their lawyers, the law team from the insurance companies involved, the courts and tribunals involved in reviewing your claims. Therefore, you need to ensure that these records are as complete and as detailed as possible, reflecting the true nature and extent of your injuries.

A good Personal Injury and Workers Comp lawyer will always advise on erring on the side of caution, when it comes to providing a full and accurate account of your injuries and the symptoms you are experiencing. This means that you should never hesitate to disclose a symptom to the attending physician, even if you “suspect” it may not be related to the work place incident. Making the doctors aware of a medical problem will ensure that it is included in your records. However, omitting such information initially, and trying to include it subsequently could prove costly for you, in terms of the damage to your standing.

An important thing to remember, especially when you are in pain or in therapy, is that no one, except for your workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA is your friend, when it comes to looking out for your interests. You may be approached by opposing counsel, or by the insurance adjusters, who could promise a speedy resolution to your claim if you sign certain disclaimers or waivers. Under no condition should you sign such documents, especially if they pertain to releasing your prior (unrelated to the incident) medical records for your “opponents” to review.  If you are being pressured to sign such documents, politely decline and refer them to your lawyer.


Don’t let the Workers com process overwhelm you. Let an experienced workers compensation attorney at Lacey WA Putnam & Lieb take on the system, and win, for you!

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