Florida Liability Insurance: A Basic Overview

All the business owners who have small setups in the Sunshine State need to know what Florida liability insurance is. This insurance protects the insured from the risk of liabilities imposed by lawsuits. FL commercial liability insurance protects the business and the personal assets of the purchaser from the legal claims. To avail of liability insurance, you need to be covered under general Florida liability insurance.

About FL Commercial Liability Insurance:

Also known as business liability insurance, commercial liability insurance protects your businesses in Florida from the financial losses which normally result from the claims of damage or injury caused to other people or your staff. This policy covers the following:

Physical Injury: Physical damage caused to either you or your employees or to other persons at the office or the residence of your clients.

Property Damage: Damage caused either by you or any other employee to the property of other people.

Personal Injury: A number of aspects are covered under personal injury. Copyright, invasion of property, privacy, libel, slanderous remarks, eviction, false arrest, and many more coverages that may cause damage to the reputation of a person.

Advertising Injury: Various losses caused by the advertising.

Legal Judgements and Defense: This type of Florida liability insurance includes the punitive damages for any negligence and deliberate attempts of misconduct.

Is it Mandatory?

Florida liability insurance for your business is highly recommended. A business can be operated without commercial liability insurance. But, if you have a valuable property or a business set-up, it is better to put your investment in sufficient commercial liability insurance coverage. By doing so, you would be able to limit the risk and exposure.

How the Cost of Premiums Are Assessed?

Florida liability insurance premiums depend on a large number of factors that include the type of service or the products offered by the insurance company, the number of staff members, the duration of your business, and also the claims history.

Details of the Policy:

All the general liability insurance companies that are engaged in business in Florida have to name an additional entity and also the prospective cities where the business will be conducted. Apart from this, the policy must act as the sole and primary insurance policy. In case of any covered event, your Floridas liability insurance will absorb all the financial loss. This insurance policy must be secured before you start your business and should be maintained for an additional year at least after the completion of work.

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