Four Key Components to Include in Business Brochures in NYC NY

Business brochures are ideal for companies who want to detail what services they offer. It is a valid way to show both customers and potential employees what the business is all about. Brochures in NYC NY need to be highly creative and attention-getting in order to work as desired. There are four key components to include in a business brochure.


Many people choose to make a simple, black and white brochure because it saves money on using color ink. This can do more harm than good, as most people want to see something that is colorful and unique so it catches their attention. Adding color to a business brochure is extremely important.

Company History

A company history, or about section, should be included. It should not be lengthy, but instead quickly depict what the company is all about. Having this section ensures customers and employees get to learn more about the company and its goals, rather than simply the services it offers.

Product Photos

Simply talking about products or services offered is not enough to gain customer’s attention. A photo of the item needs to be included. If a business makes cupcakes, they need to have a picture of a cupcake on their brochure. It provides an appealing image that customers will recognize.


A brochure should be complete with a coupon. This means potential customers are not only learning about the business, but are given an incentive to want to shop there. If a discount is offered, people will be more likely to try it out. After all, they’ll be getting the item for a lower price than usual, so many believe they should take advantage of the opportunity. If they happen to truly like the product or the company, they can continue shopping for their regularly-priced items.

brouchers in NYC NY need to be visually appealing if they are going to gain any attention. Using color, including a brief company history, adding a photo, and including a coupon, are all ideal ways to ensure a brochure not only gets seen, but read completely. Companies looking to expand their audience by creating a brochure should have it printed professionally to ensure it is visually appealing and ready for customer approval.

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