Four Mistakes that Could Damage Your Claim for a Personal Injury in Orem

Getting injured is a very traumatic experience. When it happens, you can incur thousands of dollars of medical bills, attorney’s fees and other charges. If the accident isn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay. You should file a claim for personal accident injury in Orem to get compensated. However, you should avoid the following four mistakes that could hurt your chances at winning your case.

Not Proving Negligence
In order to have the best chances at winning your personal injury case, you have to prove that the person you are suing was negligent in their duties. For instance, if you fall down at a supermarket, you have to prove that someone was negligent in their duties and that negligence resulted in you falling down and getting injured. If you can’t prove that someone breached their duty, you may be wasting your time at filing a claim. In other cases, however, negligence is more obvious and it’s easier to prove. For instance, if you are hit by a drunk driver, it’s simple to prove they were in the wrong and not following their proper responsibilities as a driver. As a result, you can prove that their negligence led to your injuries.

Missing the Filing Deadlines
When you want to file a claim for a personal injury in Orem, it’s essential that you file the paperwork by the proper deadlines. In most cases, you are required to make your claim and file the paperwork within a couple years of the incident. It’s best to start the paperwork process early to avoid waiting until the last minute in case a problem comes up. You can sometimes get extensions. However, if you miss the deadline, you automatically forfeit your right to file the claim and you can’t do anything about it.

Filing a Repeated Claim
You can only file one claim against a defendant for the same injury. Some plaintiffs will file a claim, get it settled and then file another claim for the same injury in hopes of receiving more money. This is simply unethical and not allowed. Once you have settled a claim, it is done for good for that same injury.

Not Hiring an Attorney
Finally, many people think their claim for a personal injury in Orem is a slam dunk and they don’t need an attorney. Unfortunately, they find out when it’s too late that they should’ve used an attorney. Don’t try to work with the insurance company by yourself – hire a qualified injury attorney to be on your side.

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