Four Types of Aquascapes in Brookfield, WI

Modern homeowners are no longer willing to settle for boring, sprawling lawns. They want to create unique and beautiful backyard ecosystems that allow them to bring their lives outside during the warmer months, connect with nature, and enjoy the fresh air. That’s where aquascapes come in.

Aquascapes are water features that add visual appeal to the yard, provide habitat for beneficial wildlife, and create a relaxing oasis for homeowners and their families. Read on to find out about the four main types of aquascapes in Brookfield WI for help with deciding which will be the best fit.

Ecosystem Ponds

Ecosystem ponds are man-made pools created to provide a natural-looking, low maintenance water feature complete with fish and plants. To keep fish alive and ensure that plants can thrive, homeowners must ensure adequate circulation and filtration of their water. There are several approaches to aerating backyard ecosystem ponds, although most homeowners opt for installing small aerators, waterfalls, or fountains.

Pondless Waterfalls

Not all Aquascapes in Brookfield WI feature ponds. Pondless waterfalls re-circulate water without a large pond, allowing them to be adapted to fit just about any space. They create a relaxing atmosphere with no responsibilities for taking care of fish, plants, and other aquatic life.

Backyard Fountainscapes

Fountainscapes can be easily installed even in small spaces like birdbaths. They allow homeowners and their families to enjoy the relaxing sound of water and the unique beauty of a fully functional, decorative fountain without needing a pond or a waterfall.

Container Water Gardens

Also referred to as patio ponds, container water gardens are much smaller than ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls. They can fit just about anywhere, and since they’re fully enclosed, homeowners can even place them on their decks or patios. Plus, plant shelves make adding and taking care of aquatic plants easy.

How to Choose the Right Type of Aquascape

There’s no set method for choosing the right aquascape since it depends largely on how much space homeowners have to work with and what goals they have for their landscapes. The best way to get started brainstorming is to talk to one of the professionals at Outdoor Living Unlimited about design options. They’ll be able to explain key features and point homeowners in the right direction.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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