Fun In The Sun At Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Business

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The West Coast of Maui was once a popular getaway for the Hawaiian Royal Family. It was also once the capitol of this Hawaiian Kingdom. Today, the entire coastline is vibrant with life and activities. The sunny skies, soft sand and crystal clear waters welcome visitors to stay awhile. This you can accomplish easily if you find yourself lucky enough to be able to book yourself in at the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort. This spectacular resort is your gateway to all types of fun in the sun.

Sun Bathing at the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort

There are those who love to sunbathe. They find a beach and simply soak up the rays all day. Throughout West Mali, you can take part in this less than strenuous vacation pastime. Consider laying down your towel or setting up a beach chair at Ka’anapali Beach. This is the best place to see and be seen. In fact, it seems more about people watching than it does about any form of water activity.

Ka’anapali Beach is not about solitude. If you are seeking this form of sun bathing, go further out of town. Here, you can visit Kahelik Beach Park. This golden sand beach is less frequented allowing quiet sunbathing and more peaceful contemplation of life and the island’s natural beauties.

Water Sports

If a water sport exists, you can enjoy it in West Maui. Among the most popular are:


  • Swimming – at most West Maui beaches, but these may vary according to the weather conditions. At D. T. Fleming Beach, swimming is not encouraged because of the current however, you can swim at Ka’anopali Beach as well as many others


  • Snorkeling – a popular pastime at Ka’anapoli Beach close to Black Rock as well as at Olowalu Beach


  • Body Surfing – Try this at Slaughterhouse or Makuleia Beach part of the Honolulu-Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District


  • Turtle Watching – Napoli Beach is one of the better beaches for this and for kids
  • Off Shore Diving – One of the best spots is Pu’u Kekala

Whether your “fun-in-the-sun” consists of lazing in the sun all day or actively participating in water sports, you can find it at or near the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort in Ka’anapali, West Maui. Come and enjoy and live life as it should be “under the sun”.

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