Furniture Ideas to Create a Comfortable Ensuite

Most homeowners do not consider adding pieces of Home Furniture Ottawa decorators might use for comfort and style in larger ensuite bathrooms. Ensuites can be made much more welcoming with a well chosen piece of furniture or two to add a sense of substance and an established look. Here are some furniture ideas interior designers often use in the bathroom for an elegant, comfortable touch.

*  Storage Bench: A storage bench is a wonderful addition to a bathroom as it is the perfect place to store toilet paper, towels and linens as well as personal beauty appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons and other beauty products. You can also use a storage bench for seating when towelling dry, blowing drying your hair or to perform beauty tasks like painting your nails. You can even sit and chat to your partner while they take a luxurious bath. A storage bench is an ideal piece of home furniture Ottawa designers might choose to add to a larger ensuite.

*  Medicine Cabinet: A custom made medicine cabinet designed to be installed above the toilet area or as a taller, more prominent fixture in the bathroom can add a sense of grandeur to the ensuite. A larger medicine cabinet is the perfect piece of home furniture Ottawa designers can select for storing linens, toilet paper, etc. while providing a lovely design detail.

*  Vanity Tables: Vanity tables are perfect for applying makeup in the morning while adding a feminine touch to the ensuite. They are ideal in bathrooms with less counter space or pedestal sinks that have less storage. Complete with a small, pretty chair they are an elegant feature with practical use.

*  Hallway Tables: Hallway tables are narrower and work well as an accent piece in larger bathrooms. They can be used to display lovely soaps, baskets filled with towels, pretty jars filled with cotton balls and swabs and elegant bottles of your favourite spa products.

*  Coat Trees: Another excellent accent piece for a twist on towel bars is to seek out interesting coat trees. They don’t take up much space and are ideal for hanging towels as well as robes when bathing or showering.

*  Mantle Shelves: Mantle shelves are not necessarily a piece of home furniture Ottawa homeowners might choose, but they do offer a perfect decorative accent ideal for storage.

As you can see Ottawa home furnishings can add a very homey feeling to ensuites. Shops such as Simply Wood have many options including custom made options for smaller homes.

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