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Get Your Vision Under Control With Lasik From Jacksonville Surgeons

If you don’t enjoy wearing glasses or contacts so that you can clearly see what you’re doing each day, then consider a surgical option that is available. Lasik is often very successful and can result in a drastic positive change in your vision in a short time. Here are a few details to keep in mind throughout the surgical process.

Getting Ready

After meeting with your doctor about Lasik eye surgery in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll likely be asked to stop wearing your contacts or glasses for about a week before your operation. This will allow for the natural shape of your cornea to come back as corrective lenses tend to change the shape. While in the office, you’ll talk about your medical history and what to expect during the surgery as well as what you’ll need to do to recover.


During surgery, you’ll receive medications to keep you comfortable, but you’ll usually be awake so that your surgeon can keep your eyes open in order to perform the surgery. Soon after the surgery, your vision will likely be drastically improved, but you could experience periods of time when your vision is blurry until your eye is completely healed.


It’s normal to feel a burning or itching sensation after Lasik eye surgery in Jacksonville, FL. Try not to rub your eye as this could cause it to become irritated. If you notice any abnormal swelling or redness, then contact your doctor. Try to avoid activities that put you in close contact with someone else for about a week after surgery.

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