Getting the Most from Drupal Theme Development

Having an effective income generating website doesn’t happen by accident. For those using Drupal theme development to enhance their customer experience building a better website isn’t just a trial and error procedure. Instead, this process allows the website owner to build on proven themes and options providing a top customer experience.

Understanding the Basics of Drupal Themes

To understand the benefits of Drupal theme development for any website it is first essential to appreciate the concept. A theme, as you may have already anticipated, allows a website to have a specific look and feel. This is uniform across the site and has built in features or functions that will be effective for a specific type of website.

There are standard or contributed themes that are part of the release, which means that they are fully tested and optimally designed for a specific function. Drupal theme development allows users or developers to then further customize those themes to create sub-themes. These sub-themes have the same features as the original theme, known as the parent theme, but also have unique resources and features that have been developed just for a particular website’s requirements.

Popular Drupal Themes

While there are many different Drupal themes – just over 1300 and growing, there are some themes that are more popular than others. These popular options are ideal candidates for Drupal theme development since they contain many resources and features that are key for ecommerce sites, bloggers and general websites.

Popular starting points for unique Drupal theme development include Zen, the most often used option, which comes in several different versions and features HTML5, XHTML, Responsive web design, mobile first and Sass options. Different themes may have similar features to Zen, but they do come with attributes and tools that are unique to them as well.

For example, Corporate Clean is a unique theme that includes a responsive grid layout and a very minimal looking corporate site that is clean, crisp and very professional. Marinelli is a Drupal theme ideal for providing users with rich content, three column pages and a wide range of customization options.

With the flexibility offered through Drupal theme development website owners can start with any released theme and make the necessary modifications/changes. This ensures every site can be unique, original, and fully customized while starting .

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