Giving the Paint a New Depth through Car Wax

Even some manufacturers are confused on the difference between car wax and polish but both provide certain advantages to the car especially when handled professionally. Polish is a mildly abrasive substance composed of different ingredients suitable for specific requirements. Polish can be handled manually but most car detailing handles it through machine. Wax is a non-abrasive coating which protects the paint finish and is often performed as one of the services included in car detailing.

Car wax falls under the category of car paint protection against elements in the environment to prevent premature deterioration. Car detailing in combination with Car Waxing in Baltimore provides the polishing ability to give the car that showroom quality that increases both the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your investment. Waxing the car is not only for luxury or vanity since there are reasons why it is necessary.

1. Slows down dirt and grime – Water and dirt tend to roll down the paint and will not adhere to the surface when the car is properly waxed. Comparing two cars where one is waxed and the other isn’t and you will notice the difference in cleanliness and shine.

2. Protection against UV rays – for some states this might not be necessary but some states do experience severe sunlight and wax delays the peeling and deterioration of the paint through UV protection.

3. Protection against minor scratches – keeping the car waxed ensures that the paint receives the scratch and not the pint. These minor scratches are unknowingly inflicted from car washing using a brush or a soiled sponge. Your own car keys are usually the culprit in some scratches on the door.

4. Aesthetic appeals – Wax brings out the brilliance and glow of the finish and makes it sparkle like a jewel under the sunlight.

Car Waxing in Baltimore is part of the procedures done by car detailers. After the exterior has been cleaned and washed thoroughly, it is dried and applied with car wax to make it look more outstanding. If the car is fairly new, getting a perfect shine is considerably easier but not if the car is already a few years old. It is not surprising to see cracked and dull paint on older cars since this is a part of the wear and tear after all the abuse the car is subjected to.

Another factor is regular maintenance with washing which minimizes oxidation. Using the car on the road subjects it to a lot of contaminants, from dirt, grime and mud which require regular washing. Birds, bugs and children with their sticky fingers are especially attracted to cars and these contaminants must be removed immediately. Waxing over them is not recommended.

A car will deteriorate no matter how much care and maintenance is provided but the levels of the deterioration can be minimized through car detailing. This service may be considered as an additional expense but the value received is worth more than price. Car waxing is a final step in car detailing and the process entails time and effort but the results are nothing less than stunning.

Car detailer can make the car look picture perfect but Car Waxing Baltimore provides the dramatic effect of a richer and more vibrant finish.

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