High risk auto insurance, what is it?

All drivers must have some sort of auto insurance in Huntsville AL if they are to drive on public thoroughfares, people who are believed by the insurance company to be at high risk of being involved in an accident can still be insured, but the policy is referred to as a high risk auto insurance policy. When the application for insurance is made, the applicants driving record is taken into account as is the age of the applicant and the type of vehicle.

Insurance companies have developed formulas over the years that they use when analyzing an individual applicant, in the case of auto insurance one of the items that weighs most when determining the premium is the number of miles driven each year. This is the primary reason why long haul truck drivers, bus drivers and salesmen have to pay more; they are seen as high risk. Even those who have a long daily commute back and forth to work can be seen as high risk.

The driving record of the applicant also weighs heavily on the premium that will be quoted. For those drivers who are notorious in getting speeding tickets or other moving violations, they are putting themselves at risk of being classified as a high risk driver and the cost of their auto insurance in Huntsville AL will reflect it; more detrimental than moving violations is having been charged with a DUI; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The number of accidents the individual has been in, even though they may have been minor also weigh heavily as it is an indication of carelessness and a lack of attention.

Age and sex of the driver are also taken into account. Usually a male driver, unmarried, under the age of 25 is seen as a high risk candidate for insurance, much more so than females in the same circumstances. Information that the insurance companies have at their disposal indicates that young men are involved in far more accident than young women.

At times, if the applicant is on the cusp of being rated as high risk, the insurance company will wish to review the applicant’s financial status. If the applicant refuses to grant access to his credit history, chances are the insurance company will refuse to entertain the application.

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