Hiring Dayton Top Notch Security Guard Services

Keeping your business safe from criminal activity can seem like an overwhelming task. Sadly, most businesses do not have the resources to deploy one of their employees as after hours security. Fortunately, for those needing Dayton Top Notch Security Guard Services, US Protection Services has been providing the area with experienced and professional security guards for over a decade.

Before hiring a security guard, it is important to accurately determine your needs. For many businesses, an unarmed nightwatchman may be all that is required. However, for other enterprises, a full time armed security guard may be the most practical solution to their needs. Before contacting these professionals, it is important to carefully evaluate your security needs. In addition to determining whether or not your guards will be armed, you will also need to determine how many security guards are needed to maintain your security.

For some companies, they will require their security guards to accompany important clients and guests to ensure they are kept safe. Typically, these guards will be armed, and they will monitor the client for as long as they are instructed. However, it is important to ensure your client understands that they will be receiving an armed guard. Otherwise, this can prove to be an unsettling surprise.

In addition to providing security, there are businesses that may need Dayton Top Notch Security Guard Services for fire watch protection. Many communities require certain businesses to have a security guard perform fire watch duties. Generally, these duties involve checking the property every half hour to ensure a fire has not started. After the round has been made, the security guard will sign a notebook verifying that the patrol was completed. These services can help save businesses when a small fire develops on the property. By spotting a fire early, it is possible to reduce the odds of losing the entire building.

Regardless of the reason you need a security guard, the professionals at US Protection Services will be able to provide you with a solution for your needs. Whether it is for a night fire watchman or an armed security guard for an important client, the employees for this company have the training and experience needed to address any security issue you may have.

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