Purchasing a Top Quality Slitter Rewinder Machine

Selecting the most efficient slitter rewinder machine for your organization is an important investment that will determine the level of productivity that can be achieved and how cost-effective the machine will be for the business. The ideal converting machine must also be engineered for optimal performance and designed to meet the needs of the client. Finding a high-quality slitter rewinder machine can be challenging, however Catbridge is proud to offer machines which reduce waste, increase production quality, and boost efficiency.

Catbridge offers a variety of industrial machinery such as turret slitter rewinders, surface slitter rewinders, duplex slitter rewinders and single-shaft slitter rewinders. Turrets can be designed for materials such as films, laminations, flexible packaging, tapes, paper and nonwovens. They are highly effective at reducing downtime for high-volume multi-set orders that have long running times. They can also be used for short runs with multiple turnovers and on average can produce finished rolls with rewind diameters from 12 to 30 inches. Catbridge’s two-drum surface winders can maintain a high-level of roll density control for heavy paperboards as well as coated and uncoated papers, tissue, toweling and lightweight nonwovens.

Catbridge’s duplex slitter rewinders include center and center-surface models. Duplex winders are common for narrow width slitting and can handle a variety of materials, delivering excellent slit width control and finished roll quality. Single-shaft slitter rewinders are primarily used for logging, doctoring, or salvaging of rolls, and can be designed for a variety of widths and diameters. Their capabilities include simple roll loading and discharge options which help to increase uptime.

Catbridge builds a number of different slitter rewinder machines for a wide range of applications; linking them all together is increased productivity by way of state-of-the art technology. The experts at Catbridge are committed to providing their clients with the best quality converting machinery in the industry. This goal is achieved by paying strict attention to superior engineering and manufacturing practices while maintaining an individualized approach to customer needs.

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