Hoop Cheese Is a Traditional and Simple Brand of Cheese

What exactly is hoop cheese? It is a traditional and simple brand of cheese that is specifically made from cow’s milk. After the whey has been completely drained it is then placed in a round mold otherwise known as a hoop. Many individuals consider hoop cheese to be a type of comfort food because of the distinctive taste and flavor. For some people this type of cheese is hard to find these days. However, if you are looking for hoop cheese in Macon GA, you can find it at a well-established general store such as Stripling’s. They make certain to always have hoop cheese in stock for their customers.

Choices of Hoop Cheese
The quantity of hoop cheese comes in either large 20 pound wheels or wedges. Hoop cheese is covered in 2 types of rinds black or red. The black rind cheese is sharp and the red rind cheese is mild flavored. This brand of cheese has a salty, nutty mild taste that a lot of people crave when it comes to cheese. The color of the cheese is golden yellow and has many uses. It is an excellent choice to use as an ingredient for cooking because of the creamy texture it gives a dish without changing the flavor. Hoop cheese can also be used for grilled sandwiches or a go to snack with fruits or crackers.

Purchase Hoop Cheese Today
Stripling’s is a well-known general store that offers hoop cheese in Macon GA area as well as other locations and at their online store. If you are running low on your stash of hoop cheese or you have never tried it before and are intrigued then purchase hoop cheese today by either visiting their website or one of their many general stores.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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